Sharon Temple


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200 sq ft


Ebenezer Doan, Jr. (1772–1866) was the Master Builder or architect-contractor in charge of designing and building the Sharon Temple and surrounding buildings, a National Historic Site of Canada.  Doan was a highly accomplished builder, as evidenced by the creative techniques used in the Temple structure. Ebenezer finished David Willson’s Study in September 1829 and though it is small, measuring only 16 x 8 feet, it is an architectural gem. Its exterior colonnade and arches can be seen as the Temple “turned inside out”.  Many of its architectural details such as the reeding, lantern, quarter pillars, coved ceiling and arches match the Temple. Woodbecker removed siding from Temple Study to expose a known ant infestation, made good all internal structure using 120 year old wood, and returned and replaced rotted siding with a combination of refurbished and new parts.