Rimowa Retail Store

Completed: Project Type: Size: Design Team: 2016 Office/Retail Millwork Install n/a Woodbecker provided professional carpenters for the high end millwork installation for this luggage store, resulting in a sleek modern look for the retail space. All Projects

Westin Medical Centre Millwork

Completed: Project Type: Size: Design Team: 2019 Residential/Hotel n/a Texas HRE Construction Woodbecker provided custom fabricated millwork for several amenity spaces in this Houston location of the Westin Hotel brand, including reception desks and the wall cladding and shelving for the Sip Café. All Projects

Brickworks Ciderhouse

Completed: Project Type: Size: Design Team: 2018 Restaurant/Brewpub 5,700 Sq Ft Breakhouse Architecture Brickworks Cider opened a new bar/eatery at Queen and Broadview where they produce microbatches of cider sourced from local produce. Woodbecker provided millwork and finishes for this project, including the custom fabricated garage door feature behind the main bar. All Projects